Eating with children

Feeding children and young people can be overwhelming! Eat Well, Your Way is here to help.

This resource can provide small, manageable steps for making healthier choices for you and your family. The resource has lots of advice on planning, shopping, cooking and eating out.

We have provided tips for feeding pre-school, primary school and secondary school age children and young people over the next few pages, but all of the advice in Eat Well, Your Way can be applied when you are cooking for or eating out with your family.

Take the 'What’s Your Way?' quiz, to select to information for making healthier choices for children throughout the site.

You can find more information on feeding children and parenting in general on the Parent Club website.

The nutritional information and recommendations on packaged foods can help you compare products and find healthier options. However, these are based on guidelines for adults so your child will likely need less than the label suggests.

Making a change

How to make small, manageable changes to what you eat and drink.

Make a change