Eating out with children

There is a lot to think about when eating out of the home with children, but some simple tips can help you all chose healthier options.

Most restaurants provide specific menus for younger children, but the choices on these menus can be limited. They can be less healthy than the choices on the adult menu.
  • Consider choosing a small or half portion from the adult menu if available
  • Options that are grilled or baked are healthier than fried
  • If your children will eat them, vegetables as a side is a great way to help them reach their 5 a day
  • If available, choose alternative sides to chips, such as rice or mashed potato
  • If adding sauce, having a small amount is healthier as these can be high in fat, sugar and salt
  • Water or a low sugar or sugar-free drink is best for children’s teeth
  • Whole milk is a great choice for young children and older children can have semi-skimmed or skimmed
  • Fruit is a healthy option for dessert. Or give them a small portion from your dessert plate
  • Salt may have been added in the kitchen already, so there may be no need to add more

Sharing your meal with your children can help them try different foods.

If you find you are regularly buying snacks at soft play of after swimming lessons, consider preparing healthier snacks at home and taking them with you

Getting the kids involved in choosing and preparing the snacks could help!

Making a change

How to make small, manageable changes to what you eat and drink.

Make a change